Innovation capacity should be seeded in every department from legal and finance to creative and technology .

PATE developed a set of integrated tools that extend outside the innovation program used in everyday work situations.  The purpose of these tools is to disrupt routine by bringing innovation capabilities into the workplace. These tools provide a more human-centered and co-creative approach to building relationships, aligning to a shared vision at the start of a new project, or adapting and supporting internal changes at the launch of a new program or champaign.

We believe that innovation needs to be available in every department from legal and finance to creative and technology. Innovation capabilities should not be siloed in one department. For a company to truly be successful the entire organization must embrace and practice this same philosophy - from the CEO to the delivery driver.

Humangood provides a much-needed place to unlearn, practice, and build new ways of leading, thinking, and interacting. With more supportive leaders and emboldened employees, organizations can create innovative cultures that make innovation, self-actualization, and fulfillment available to everyone.