Humangood is an innovation program that goes beyond the customer/user experience to focus on the human experience - transversing the head and the heart. Designed to broaden perspective, disrupt thinking, and grow business. At the same time, it promotes positive leadership, unleashes human potential, and transforms cultures into more engaged entrepreneurial communities.

The power of Innovation is not in the process but in the people.

Organizations have mastered business acumen and forgotten the importance our humanness (co-creating with both the head and the heart) plays in the ability to lead innovation.  Without awareness and attention to human qualities and behaviors, they will only achieve unconscious self-centered outcomes.

Humangood integrates greater conscious awareness of self and others into every aspect of the program, taking it beyond its original focus of just solving problems and disrupting thinking.  This approach of conscious discovery, self-discovery, and dedicated practice space creates additional opportunities for value creation and dynamic impact across the entire organization.

With greater attention and self-awareness of our humanness, Humangood disrupts old ways of thinking and…old habits.  It provides a practice space to grow and evolve.  Humangood provides a much-needed place to unlearn, practice, and build new ways of leading, thinking, and interacting. 

With more positive, supportive leaders and emboldened employees, organizations can create innovative cultures that make innovation, self-actualization and self-fulfillment available to everyone.

This core philosophy has a bilateral impact on your organization. It ensures the greatest innovation outcome possible and at the same time, increases the development of human capacity - emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and positive leadership