Together, anything is possible.

We initiate opportunities for positive social change.  At our core, we are social entrepreneurs - doing well financially and doing good socially.  These are fundamental components of who we are, how we think, and how we act. We are always looking for new partners, interns and worthy challenges to help make a difference in our community and around the globe.  Have a great idea we might champion together, contact us.



Today customers, employees, and investors are not satisfied with just profitability.  They are beginning to demand that companies produce positive social impact as well.  The latest research proves that 47% of millennials say, “The purpose of business is to improve society and protect the environment.”


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The goal is to use our design model as a framework to establish common ground and a collaborative environment that fosters positive change within the community and the world. We believe by bringing people together of various backgrounds, cultures, and ideals that we have a greater chance of making a difference in the world.


We have worked with organizations like Slow Food USA, Girls & Boys Club, and Sustainable Appalachia. We are devoted to increasing local food access and eliminating childhood hunger and food injustice...or any injustice.
— Pate