Making A Difference

Evolving the way people think and see the world around them, equipping them with tools to better engage and interact with one another and solve problems that have a positive and profound impact on the future.

Inspiring moments of synchronicity where individuals and organizations glimpse their own greatness - realizing their full potential, and finding the courage to take risks without fear. 

Instigating positive social change.

Innovating and inventing - experience the self-permission and freedom of making a real difference in the world.

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Pate is the founder and managing director. With over 25 years of management consulting working with Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups, his expertise focused on vision building, strategic planning, brand, and product development.  In 2011 Pate relaunched the company using innovation as a vehicle to solve challenges, grow business, and evolve the people and culture into a powerhouse of an engaged community of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. 

Pate is a passionate social entrepreneur and change agent.  He works with non-profits organizations like Slow Food International and the Girls & Boys Club to initiate positive social change.  His deepest core belief drives him: Together, anything is possible. He strives every day to make a positive difference in someone’s life, even if it is just a smile or kind word. 

Pate completed his undergraduate work at the University of Georgia and received a certificate in Innovation at the University of Virginia.  He built his capabilities in innovation as a community leader at OpenIDEO and as a senior consultant at Design Thinkers Group, headquartered in Amsterdam.  

Pate has a rare ability to quickly assess a challenge, determine what is most meaningful and bring back a solution that goes above and beyond what was initially presented. This strong sense of vision is matched by exceptional communication skills. He always impresses me with his versatility in expressing ideas, whether through speech, writing or visuals. He seems able to move from one to the other with ease, and the wherewithal to know which method best suited his audience. What I found in him to be most valuable — and, indeed, what I learned most from him—was that his ability to assess challenges extended to his talent at assessing people. He uses this talent to his advantage in steering others toward the big picture and, further, to the steps necessary to get there.
— Robert Nelms, SVP Beazer Homes