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I’m taking a giant leap. I am traveling in Europe for 30 days broadening my perspective about my own life and work - disrupting my own thinking and habits. My goal is to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable and begin a new habit of spending more time exploring the bigness of this amazing world.

I have arrived at my first stop on this journey. There will be four stops - Brussels, London, Porto and Madrid. It is now 3 am in Brussels and I am wide awake. While it is quiet, it makes it a perfect time to talk about another giant step, PATE LLC. Our work will now focus on three challenges that most organization face as everyday - meaningful and impactful innovation, engagement, and building trust.

We have spent years created an innovation framework called, Humangood. It is designed to create a powerful human engine of both innovation and transformation. It is a mindset, approach, program, and a set of everyday tools to help integrate and scale the program. The program goes beyond design thinking (DT), human-centered design (HCD), and the customer experience focusing on the human experience. The program provides a practice space outside of our everyday busyness and routine to become more aware of the impact and power of our humanness - the ability to co-create with both the head and the heart. Both are powerful on their own but in tandem, they make us invincible. There is no challenge that can’t be successfully solved in a deeper and more meaningful way.

The human experience (HX) fosters positive tension between the head and the heart, creating a powerful contrast - awareness between the ego and emotions. It breaks down the walls - the polarities between designer-user, company-client, and bias-truth, establishing more authentic and relatable connections. It allows for a synchronistic moment and shared emotional experiences that form deeper empathy, understanding, and connection.

The human experience (HX) helps to ensure overall success - transformation and adoption. It enables four critical components of innovation: positive leadership support, improved self-awareness, greater attention to others, and a safe space to practice. Without unwavering support and safe space to practice, there can be almost no integration or scalability. Without first understanding self, there can be no honest or realistic understanding of the deeper unarticulated needs, wants, or desires of others. They have a dynamic impact on the overall process. The deeper one goes in understanding self and other, the more supported and safe one feels, and the more one practices self-permission to take risks, the greater the leap in innovation.

I am excited about these leaps forward into the unknown. Join me in exploring the bigness of the world and all its possibilities and opportunities it holds. Together, there is nothing, we cannot accomplish.